Our Philosophy

Tiny-Shiny Childcare has a strong commitment to provide a progressive and consistently high quality childcare service where the needs of both the children and the families are met.  As dedicated Early Childhood Professionals, we believe that children are unique individuals who learn and develop skills through the process of exploration within and educational, play-based curriculum. We think each child can become independent in areas of self-help skills, decision-making and socialization.  Through a variety of areas in play, Tiny-Shiny Childcare believes that each child can learn to develop their language and communication skills while having fun.  Tiny-Shiny Childcare's management and staff members have a desire to promote a mutually beneficial partnership with all families and the greater community, integrating culturally diverse backgrounds, beliefs and attitudes. 

Our Facility

Tiny-Shiny Childcare is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education and our standards meet or exceed the province’s requirements. Tiny-Shiny Childcare centre is routinely inspected by the Health Department, Fire Department and licensing officers from the Ministry of Education. Our staff members and our management team have or will be trained in the Special link Early Childhood Inclusion Quality Scale. This tool helps us to be trained and perform each day with the best intentions for all children.

Our Team

Tiny-Shiny Childcare hires qualified registered Early Childhood Educators to supervise programs and daily routines.  All staff members have current Standard First Aid Level C and CPR qualifications and participate in professional development courses to remain enthusiastic, resourceful and the enhance their Early Childhood Education skills.  We have also trained our staff and management team in the Special Link Early Childhood Inclusion Quality Scale.  This tool helps our teachers to perform every day with the best intentions for all children.  In addition to being employed at Tiny-Shiny Childcare our staff is required to obtain a Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check before their first workday.

Our Childcare Centre welcomes students from college in Early Childhood education courses and high school students enrolled in co-op courses and family life courses for their training placements.


Staff ratios are in accordance with the Early Learning Child Care Act.

Types of Programs 

Full-Time     : Tiny-Shiny full-time program runs five (5) days per week. 

(Maximum nine (9) hours a day)


Part-Time    : Tiny-Shiny Part-Time program consists of full day programming, as few as two   (2) Full days per week.  Depending on availability, you would be able to pick two (2), three (3), or four (4) full days on a consistent basis. (We do not offer half-day programs)



: Our Work-Schedule consists of full day programming, as few as two (2) full days till five (5) days per week.  Depending on availability, you would be able to pick two (2), three (3), four (4), or five (5) days on a weekly basis, according to your work schedule.


Our programming begins at 9:00 am daily.  For your child to benefit from our programs, we would like them in for 9:00 am, but no later than 10:00 am.  Only under certain circumstances (doctor’s appointment, dentist appointment, etc.) and approval from the supervisor will children be allowed after the set time.

Our educational program, directed by the supervisor, is designed to give every child the opportunity to work alone and in groups, to increase their skills, interests and to promote learning. The children will learn to cooperate with and enjoy other children and adults while learning to become independent.


Tiny-Shiny Childcare offers a variety of learning centres including crafts, music and movement, sensory, drama, cognitive learning activities, building equipment (Lego, H blocks, etc.) puzzles, library, pets, gross motor skills, morning & afternoon circle and discovery centre.  We offer opportunities for groups and individual play as well as quiet and active play.


Our large backyard gives the children a chance to explore nature daily.  We have a large sandbox with a shelter and a paved area used for bikes, scooters and other gross motor, creative and dramatic activities.  Sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, and other games are encouraged on a daily basis.


Tiny-Shiny Childcare’s facility takes applications for enrolment of children between the ages of 12 months (walking) and 12 years of age.


Tiny-Shiny Childcare is open from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday.  A child may have the benefit of our services to a maximum of nine (9) hours for a full day.   


  • The Childcare Centre will be closed for all public holidays and severe weather conditions.
  • Christmas & New Year’s Eve - early closure (check notifications)


Full fees for both full-time & part-time children are due for statutory holidays and early closures. Replacement days for stat days are unfortunately not available.


Tiny-Shiny Childcare reserves the unilateral right to cancel any arrangements if the child becomes aggressive (violent) with other children and staff or if unsafe behavior continues on a regular basis.


Tiny-Shiny Childcare applies the following policies and procedures to ensure that a healthier environment is possible for all children, their families and our staff team:

  • Every child must have immunization up-to-date before admission.          
  • A child may not be brought into our Childcare Centre if he/she has a rash, diarrhea, vomiting, is running a fever or has any infectious disease.
  • Children must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to our Childcare Centre.  Arrangements must be made for home care.
  • If a child at our Childcare centre develops any symptoms of illness, the parent(s) will be notified to make arrangements to have their child picked up as soon as possible.  We believe a sick child may not remain at the Childcare Centre.  This helps avoid infecting others.
  • Children with communicable diseases may not remain at our Childcare centre.  The child must be quarantined from the time of the disease and during the contagious stage, a doctor’s note might be given before the child can return.

We are a nut sensitive center and kindly asked parents that they do not send any food from home with their child (this include gum, candy or snack)


Tiny-Shiny Childcare applies the following policies and procedures to ensure the correct care/medication is given to the specific needs of the children

  • Our RECE staff members will administer prescribed and non-prescribed medications by a legally qualified practitioner only.
  • The medication must be brought into our Childcare Centre in the original bottle that is obtained from the drug store.
  • The parent must fill out and sign our medication form so the staff member may administer the medicine, which will be stored in a locked box in our kitchen, in the refrigerator or cupboard as needed.
  • The medicine’s label must state the doctor’s name, type of medication, dosage to be given, the beginning date of the treatment and the expiry date.
  • No patent medication will be given.
  • RECE’s are the only staff members permitted to given medication.

If their child requires an EpiPen for their allergy, our Childcare Centre would like an updated photo of your child and an EpiPen that can be left at the Centre.  The parent will be asked to fill out a special form for the EpiPen handling.


Tiny-Shiny Childcare offers a hot noon meal plus a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack.  Menus for the week are always on display so the parents can plan their home meals accordingly.  Our Childcare Centre provides two-thirds of the child’s daily nutritional intake.  The Canadian Food Guide and the Early Learning Childcare Act are adhered to when planning nutritious meals.

Parent Role

Tiny-Shiny Childcare wants to be supported by having open lines of communication with every parent.  Our doors are always open to new ideas, changes and concerns regarding the children or the operations of our Childcare Centre.  Parents can communicate any time throughout the day, or they can set up an appointment to discuss more in depth issues with the supervisor and/or director/s.  It is also important for us to work as a team with each family during toilet training, to deal with behavior issues or eating concerns for example.

Parent Issues & Concerns 

Policy:  The Parents/guardians, Tiny-Shiny Childcare operators & Staff have a clear understanding how parents’ issues & concerns will be addressed, including details regarding,

  1. The steps for parents to follow when they have an issue or concern to bring to the licensee
  2. The steps to be followed by the licensee & its employee in responding to an issue or concern brought forward by parent
  3. When an initial response to the issue or concern will be provided


Purpose:    The purpose of this policy is intended to provide Tiny-Shiny Childcare and parents with a clear & transparent procedure to follow when a parent has brought forward an issue or concern.


  • Parents & guardians are important role for Tiny-Shiny Childcare. Parents/guardians are encouraged to take an active role in our program. Staff always discuss what children are experiencing day to day in our program. According to Tiny-Shiny program statement, we support positive & responsive interaction among children, parents, staff and foster the engagement of an ongoing communication with parents about our program and children


  • All issues & concerns raised by parents are taken seriously and will be addressed in good manner. Tiny-Shiny Childcare management and staff will take all concerns & matters very seriously & will be address & resolve issues & concerns to the satisfaction of all parties as soon as possible.

Future Changes

We reserve the right to change our policies and procedures as outlined in this handbook based on directions from the ministry of education, public health or changes in our operational needs. Any changes or updates will be communicated to all current families as they occur.

Welcome to Tiny-Shiny

We are excited to have you & your child into our Tiny-Shiny family.

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